Oregon Power Cut 28" Bar
Oregon Power Cut 28" Bar
Our Price: $89.95

Solid body guide bar for the professional woodcutter. Replaceable sprocket nose eliminates need to purchase a new bar. Nose fastens with a single rivet and secured by wide, strong overlapping ears for easy replacement.
Bar Size: 28" Pitch: 3/8" Gauge: .050" Drive Links: 93 Chain Part#: 72LPX Fits Husqvarna models: 365, 371, 372, 372XP, 380, 385, 385XP, 394, 394XP, 395, 395XP, 480, 570, 570XP
Also Fits Makita models: DCS6401 DCS6421 DCS7301 DCS7901 DCS9000