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People often ask what's the difference between aramid and Kevlar. The answer is, no difference at all. Kevlar is the trademarked brand name for the aramid fiber made by DuPont. However, due to it being the first para-aramid developed, its name is synonymous with the term aramid.
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Cub Cadet Deck Belt, A-01000399 Cub Cadet Deck Belt

Part# A-01000399

Deck Belt used on 48" Cub Cadet models M48-KHS Tank (53AB5B5M150), M48-KHS Tank (53AB5B5M750), M48-KWS Tank (53AB5D4M150), and Z-Force 48 (53AA5A7M710)(53AA5A7M712).

  • Replaces Cub Cadet OEM# 01000399
  • Wrapped Polyester Cord (Black)
  • 1/2" W x 107.3" L

Each Price: $20.95
Cub Cadet PTO Drive Belt, A-00050441, OEM# 00050441 Cub Cadet PTO Drive Belt

Part# A-00050441

PTO Drive Belt used on 48"/50"/54"/60" Cub Cadet models ENFORCER 54 (53AH3AGT050), ENFORCER 54 (53AI3AGT750), ENFORCER 54 (53BI3AGT050), M48-HN Tank (53AB5E6V150), M48-HN Tank (53AB5E6V750), M48-KHS Tank (53AB5B5M150), M48-KHS Tank (53AB5B5M750), M48-KW Tank (53AB5DAV150), M48-KW Tank (53AB5DBV750), M48-KW Tank (53AI8CTV750), M48-KW Tank (53BB5DAV150), M48-KW Tank (53BB5DAV750), M48-KW Tank (53CB5DAV750), M48-KWS Tank (53AB5D4M150), M50-KHS Tank (53AB5BBP750), M50-KHS Tank (53BB5BBP750), M54-KW Tank (53DB5DBW750), Z-Force 50 (17AF3AGP)(17AH3AGP709)(17AF3AGP010), Z-Force 50 (53AA5B7P709)(53AA5B7P710)(53AA5B7P712), and Z-Force 60 (17AI3AGJ)(17AI3AGJ709)(17AI3AGJ710).

  • Replaces Cub Cadet OEM# 00050441
  • Wrapped Aramid Cord (Brown)
  • 5/8" W x 82.5" L

Each Price: $24.95
Scag Deck Drive Belt (LH) A-485636 Scag Deck Drive Belt (LH)

Part# A-485636

Deck Drive Belt (LH) used on 61" Scag Tiger Cat II models: STCII-61V-23FX (S/N L9200001-L9299999), STCII-61V-23FX (S/N L9200001-L9299999), STCII-61V-26CV-EFI (S/N L9300001 to L9399999), STCII-61V-29CV-EFI (S/N M5000001-M5099999).

  • Replaces Scag OEM# 485636
  • Wrapped Aramid Cord (Blue)
  • 5/8" W x 138" L

Our Price: $43.50