NGK Spark Plug
NGK BPM7A Spark Plug #7321
NGK BPM7A Spark Plug #7321
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Part # BPM7A
Echo Edgers, Hedge Trimmers, Power Blowers, and Trimmer/Brushcutters
NGK BPM7A Spark Plug #7321
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BPM7A Standard Resistor Spark Plug 14mm

This NGK BPM7A Spark Plug #7321 is manufactured by one of the world's oldest, most well-known and respected makers of spark plugs for internal combustion engines. Created with a solid copper core and nickel-tipped electrode for a longer life, itís patented to eliminate combustion gas leakage. This particular NGK spark plug BPM7A is specific to Echo lawn and garden equipment, including edgers, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, power blowers and Green Machine engines.

Technical Specs:
Thread Size: 14mm or 13/16"
Construction: Projected Insulator type and Compact Type
Heat Range: 7 (2 is Hot - 12 is Cold)
Thread Reach: Special Design

Champion # CJ6Y/CJ7Y
Autolite # 2974
Bosch # WS5E
Nippondenso # W22MP-U


Model #'s



PE-200, PE-260, PE-310, PE-2000, PE-2200, PE-2201, PE-2400


GT-200, GT-200A, GT200EZR, GT200i, GT-1100, GT-2000, GT-2100, GT-2101, GT-2102, GT-2103, GT-2200, SRM-250E, SRM-340, SRM400, SRM400U, SRM-400E, SRM-400AE, SRM-400BE, SRM-1500, SRM-1500A, SRM-1501, SRM-2000, SRM-2100, SRM-2200, SRM- 2201, SRM-2300, SRM-2301, SRM-2310, SRM-2500, SRM-2501, SRM2501S, SRM-2502, SRM-2510, SRM-3000, SRM-3001, SRM-3010, SRM-3400

Hedge Trimmers:

HC-2100, SHC-210, SHC-211

Power Blowers:

PB-210E, PB230, PB260, PB-300E, PB-403, PB-410, PB-460, PB-602, PB-603, PB-4500

Green Machine:

3800LP, 4000LP, 4500LP